Block is for business not as usual; for unrelenting change, for questioning the status quo, for new ways of working. We are for businesses that can’t afford to not be noticed; who need to out-think because they can’t out-spend. Doing away with silos and egos, it’s solving business problems collaboratively, openly and with exhaustive consideration. It is partnering with the best to gain new perspectives, skills and insights. Unifying smarts, creativity, curiosity and relentless questioning; it is creating things that surprise, delight, inform, convince, motivate. It is the path less trod – one which demands research, experimentation, guts and wit. It is seeking and celebrating well-considered solutions that are both surprising and logical. Where ‘faster’ and ‘smarter’ aren’t seen as opposing states. We are for constant, continual reinvention, adaption and evolution – and knowing there will never be a new normal. As our media, social and business landscapes continually shift, Block is for business not as usual.

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