James Boyce

Founder, Grumpy Sailor
James is the founder and creative visionary behind Grumpy Sailor, an agile, creative team experimenting with digital technology and storytelling. With a team of 20 passionately curious individuals, Grumpy Sailor do many things including design, concept development, film and digital production, creative direction, idea generation and insanely cool tech-hacks. As Executive Creative Director, James is instrumental in working with collaborators to define, conceptualise, secure and deliver on the often impossible creative vision of a project. Working across a variety of mediums including short films, gallery experiences, large-scale television commercials and advertising campaigns, he has developed interactive products and experiences with commercial and artistic partners. Grumps has and continues to collaborate with many wonderful partners including PunchDrunk, The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Sydney Opera House, Google, ACMI, WWF, Adelaide Fringe Festival and more.
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