Akshat Nauriyal

New-media artist / musician
Akshat Nauriyal (Tahska) is a new-media artist / musician from New Delhi. Growing up in an analog world turned hyper-digital, his works are an outcome of a process he refers to as ‘Digital Existentialism’. Articulating socio-cultural/political realities of the world around him, he explores the use of technology as a tool for disruption and activism, while also creating works that are human-centred despite being created using digital tools. Often cynical, yet hopeful at the same time, he is interested in studying the constantly evolving interaction of humans with technology, and its impact on public consciousness. He is also the co-founder of St+art India Foundation - India’s largest public arts platform democratizing art by taking it out of gallery spaces and embedding it within the cities we live in. Over the past 5 years, St+art has created Art districts in 4 cities, several experiential exhibitions while creating iconic artworks across the country. He also plays drums for critically acclaimed Alt-Rock band Hoirong.
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