It’s business time! Emergence has all your professional development needs covered

There’s never been a better time to dust up on some professional development. Emergence Creative Festival is just 2 weeks away and we have so many sessions to help you and your biz between March 25 and 27 that that’ll you’ll be getting up to speed on your PD quicker than you can say “It’s business time!”.

Need a hand working out what you should attend?  Here’s a little snapshot of just a few of our workshops and breakout sessions, all $65 each (with a couple of freebies in there too!)

If you’re looking for the full experience, check out the conference program and speakers you can access through AAA, Conference Only and Single Day Conference Passes.

The Creative Connection with Gill Minervini

This workshop looks at creativity, how to access it and how to apply it to create memorable experiences. This is a hands-on session that will help you make that idea a reality, including how to sell and package your concept and get on with it! We’ll get you thinking creatively, looking critically, analysing case studies and learning processes that will help anyone deliver creative results, even in non-creative environments.

A Tender Subject

In this workshop, WA creatives can discuss the opportunities, issues, myths and limitations in the current process of pitching for government tenders.

Some of the areas covered in this discussion will include:
– What’s stopping local businesses from winning government contracts?
– How do I get on the Preferred Suppliers List for Local Government?
– How can I work with other creatives to submit a consortium bid or joint venture?


If you’ve ever had a winning idea that got beaten by an average one, you need to work on your Pitchcraft. Whether you’re pitching ideas to an internal corporate audience, a start-up heading into a funding round, a creative business vying for work (or you just want a new job and a pay rise), the fundamental skills to distil and articulate your ideas need to be razor sharp. With industry leading creative, technology and start up professionals, this session is part panel discussion, part hands on workshop and mentoring.

Designing Cultures and Teams for Creativity with Nicole Velik

This workshop empowers leaders, managers and future leaders with the tools, initiatives and tangible actions they can take in order to turn their team and organisation into a thriving creative culture.  Uncover techniques and initiatives that can be easily implemented in your organisation and see how each leader has the ability to create an inspiring Ideas Culture.

Thinking Big, Implementing Small with James Boyce

Join Grumpy Sailor Director James Boyce as he explores how to use practical creative processes to take the fear out of spectacular ambition.  This session gives practical advice on how to tackle big projects which is transferable across industries.

Currents of Connection – Activating Asian- Australian Engagement in the Creative Industries with Pippa Dickson

A practical workshop on different ways of engaging with diverse audiences and creative counterparts in the Indo-Pacific, sharing case studies and creating dynamic discussion.

Creating Great Videos with Briony Benjamin and Clare Gerber

Dreamed of making an amazing video but don’t know where to start? In this creative video planning workshop you’ll learn the tools and tips for generating great online video ideas that will connect with your audience.  You’ll leave with a great idea for your next video campaign and be equipped with approaches to make video content that is all killer no filler.


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